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what is satta matka?

Satta Matka, also known as Matka, is a numbers game popular in India and some Arab countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Played by millions of players across the world, the history of Matka spans over 50+ years. Kalyan and Mumbai are most popular satta matka markets.

charts & lists

Matka lists and charts power you to organize yourself around and understand the Satta Matka game better than you do now. You can refer to the charts as per your use case.

Satta Matka game has 5 variations that you can play.Singles (Ank), Jodi (Pair/Bracket), Pana(Patti/Panel), Half Sangam and Sangam. There are 10 Singles, 100 Jodi’s, 220 Pana, 4400 Half Sangams and 48400 Sangams. Each game variation has its own rate.

Single (ANK)

Single, referred mostly as ank/figure, is a single digit variation you can play in Matka.


Jodi (Pair/Bracket) is the two digit variation that you can play in matka. Jodi is the most played variation in matka.

Pana (Patti)

Pana is the core of satta matka game. Everything in matka more or less revolves around pana. A Pana is a 3 digit variation that you can play in matka. We have documented pana in detailed throughout our website. Pana is also called Panel/Patti.

Half Sangam

Half Sangam is a 4 digit variation that you can play in satta matka. Rather than being continous, it is a combination of ank and pana. There are two types of Half Sangams. For convenience, we made it industry standard to call them Half Sangam A(HSA) and Half Sangam B(HSB).


Sangam is a 6 digit variation that you can play in matka. There are 48400 sangams in total making it the hardest to guess and most rewarding variation of all offering a massive 1:15000 rate. You can simply get into forbes billionaires list by playing 48,74,404 on a Sangam

About Ratan Khatri

Ratan Khatri is known as the founder and the king of Satta Matka.Matka is purely numbers game. Like lottery, numbers are drawn and players put money on numbers to gain profit.It is said that Ratan Khatri also made celebrities draw the cards. The cards are then arranged in Ascending Order (The numbers of such order are called PANA/PATTI). Ratan’s matka game is known as Worli Matka. Now known as Main Mumbai or Bombay.During Emergency under Indira Gandhi reign, Ratan Khatri got arrested for organizing these activities and after release, he retired and started living peaceful life. He’s occasionally seen in race courts though. He also financed a film that was based on his real life. Ratan Khatri died on May 10, 2020. What a legend !

Kalyanji Bhagat, after whose name Kalyan Matka is named, also made significant contribution to the game in keeping it alive. It is said, without his contribution, matka would have been forgotten by now.

The best thing about matka is that it sticks to a time schedule. It runs more punctual than many of the state-owned services.