Guess Matka

Guess Matka


Matka game can be guessed using both Conventional and Alternate methodologies. A Conventional method is what most people follow and is considered a default way of doing things. Alternate methodology uses a analysis based approach.
Before you begin, we assume that you know the basics of matka very properly.
If you dont know, you can visit Learn Matkaresource page. We have covered all basic concepts in detail.
There are two approaches to guessing Matka. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can pick and work on any approach you like. Remember: Anything that works, works!.

1 Conventional


2 Alternate

Conventional Approach

Conventional Approach is how, almost 90% players guess and play. With time, the exact way of guessing matka, is lost with the previous generation. As money becomes central part of everyone’s lives, greed made way to matka markets not sticking to the conventional ways. Pattern/Line, is the most common and widely used way to guess matka numbers. There is only one type of conventional approach : Patterns and Lines (also referred by some as “Matka Trick”)


1Pattern is the “exact way” matka numbers must be guessed.

2Every matka market runs lines/patterns.

3Pin-Pointing of numbers/pana/sangam is possible only through Patterns.

4Playlist is limited to family picks.

5Highly Profitable (If Hits).


1Patterns are hard to find. It may take hours to find proper valid patterns. Literally, the top guessers we know, sit around 6 to 10 hours finding patterns. Its a lot of time given that “TIME” is more valuable to be spending it on finding matka numbers on daily basis even if it earns money.

2Patterns are 90% misleading and 10% spot on. Matka markets run patterns just to make the game “look” easy so that more people will try it. Its a kind of lure.

3There is no compulsorily that game must come from Pattern/Line. There are many patterns/lines running simultaneously and there are 99% chances that the one you found is wrong. The correct one only comes to your eyes only after the result.

4There is no standard procedure to validate a line/pattern/trick. For example, there are many simultaneously running lines and there is no way to say this one works and that one does not. Its like that. Unnecessarily complex.

Alternate Approach

Alternate Approach is anything that works or proven to work that does not involve fully depending on patterns. At Just Matka, we worked years to standardize this approach for everyone of us.


1As this approach does not depend on imaginary patterns/lines/tricks, there is a better change of hitting the number as you don’t fall into pattern traps or misleading patterns.

2 Accuracy can be measured and method can be adjusted on the fly making this approach more viable in future.

3Consistent profit is possible only through this approach.

4Computerized methods can process lot of information in seconds and output be analyzed in minutes helping take better decisions.


1As this approach can only approximate result within a set of numbers, Playlist may have multiple numbers picked (results in higher hits).

2Complex alternate methods can only be worked out on computer and may take a very significant amount of time and everyone may not be able to do it.

Types of Alternate Approaches

There are two ways to alternatively guess matka.
1 Cut Method/Filter Approach (Top-Down)
2 Construct Approach (Bottom-Up)


The filter approach takes the full possible list, and drills down removing what numbers do not come. When you know what does not come, you are left with what will come. Its a simple concept. And most top guessers we know use a mix of Pattern+Cut Method to correct their game.
Satta Matka


Construct Result is a “Bottom Down” approach. In Construct Result approach, we take variables (can be anything, we will explain as we go further) and use them to construct a result. This gives a better control over the playlist.
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