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Content Disclaimer

This content disclaimer applies to all content directly or indirectly found / published / hosted on this website.
The intention of this website is to provide mathematical observations and case studies in dealing with uncertain events. These uncertain events may include a simple coin toss to lottery. We are no way connected or supporting gambling related activities.
The user using/browsing this website has agreed to a specific binding terms that the user is solely responsible for any losses incurred due to his decisions based on information found on this website.
We are not involved in organizing any kind of gambling directly or indirectly nor do we encourage anyone to try their luck in gambling.
The sole intention of this website is to provide necessary information regarding steps to be taken to avoid major risks at events that are uncertain and involves losing money. Since the likelihood of the reader going ruined due to decisions he takes due to lack of awareness is high, We are aimed to help with content that help them to understand the math behind uncertain events.
Some of the content may be inappropriate for some readers. The content is not for anyone below 21 years of age. The content is not for people residing in India or United States of America.
Declaration : We strongly declare through this content disclaimer that we are not involved in organizing any form of gambling nor do we support any form of gambling directly or indirectly. We are a purely mathematics based risk assessment website.